DIY Improvements $100-$200

We come to Part 2 of our mini-blog series about DIY improvements you can make on a budget to help sell your home and appeal to more buyers. This week we are looking DIY improvements costing between $100-$200.

1. Improve air quality


It may be as simple as switching out your air filters, but making sure your home doesn’t smell musty or “lived in” is a good tip to have when getting your home ready to show. If you have pets or other odors in your house, consider having a professional clean of your carpets and upholstery done before your next open house.

2. Plant some trees


Is your back yard bare and worn? Consider making a trip to a tree nursary and picking up some new additions to your backyard. Palm trees and other Florida ferns can cost between $90-$180. Some nursaries offer free delivery and planting. Make sure to ask when you buy your tree. Trees provide nice shade in the hot summers and help the environment.

3. Modernize your ceiling


You will be hard pressed to find a current buy that WANTS popcorn ceilings. It’s usually the first thing to go when someone renovates an old home. You can buy kits at your local hardware store to help you remove the popcorn ceilings. Or you can call your local handyman and get an estimate. Depending on the size of the room, it shouldn’t break the bank but will definitely be eye catching to buyers.

4. Hardware


A simple way to show luxury in your home without emptying your piggy bank is to update your hardware and fixtures. Swap out the old facet in the kitchen for a new modern, sleek one. Replace your cabinet hardware with new stainless steel pulls. These small switches can mean the difference between a sale or a flop.

5. Landscape Luxury


Not many buyers want to walk into a house with dead plants in the front yard. Spend a few hours over the weekend and plant some new, low maintenance plants that will add curb appeal to your house. Bright colors, clean mulch, and modern landscaping will help your listing pop off the page.


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